Free Wallpapers for HTC Hero and Others

We’ve added a bunch of new HTC and Samsung phones to the Hellaphone Wallpaper maker, the tool that lets you make a wallpaper for your phone from any image and send it immediately as a text message–all for free!

New makers: HTC Touch Diamond2 wallpapers, HTC Warhawk wallpapers, HTC Leo wallpapers, HTC Hero wallpapers, HTC Mega wallpapers, Samsung Rant wallpapers, Samsung Reclaim wallpapers

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2 Responses to Free Wallpapers for HTC Hero and Others

  1. Brad Halderman says:

    Trying to find a wall paper for my HTC Hero looking for a Kentucky wildcat wallpaper

  2. Andy says:

    Brad: you can make your own Kentucky Wildcat wallpaper for your HTC Hero quickly and easily through the link above:

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