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Windows 7 Phone on its way

The Windows Phone 7 is soon on its way, which is a pretty big deal by some accounts. This is Microsoft’s attempt to rival the Apple iPhone smartphone stronghold. A number of manufacturers are releasing Windows Phone 7 smartphones, such … Continue reading

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More Americans Have Cell Phones Than Computers

According to a recently released Pew Research Center report, 85% of Americans now own cell phones, including 96% of people in the 18-29 year old age range. This is compared to 76% computer ownership (desktop or laptop), 47% mp3 player … Continue reading

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Join the Canon PowerShot S95 User Community

The Canon PowerShot S95 is quite easily the best pocket camera currently on the market. Naturally, there are quite a few ins and outs to such a sophisticated tool. S95site is the place for Canon S95 users to come together … Continue reading

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Cell Phones the Central Technology of Developing Countries

This interesting article in the New York Times asserts that cell phones are even more important a technology in many third-world and developing countries than they are in many heavily industrialized countries like the United States.  Many countries are building … Continue reading

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Mexican Government Seeks to Register All Cell Lines

The federal government of Mexico is requiring all cell phone lines in the country to be registered in a central database with identifications of their users.  Most cell phones in Mexico are not operated on contracts with carriers, so the … Continue reading

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Homeland Security Developing Poison Sniffing Cellphones

The United States Department of Homeland Security is reportedly developing poison gas sniffing capabilities for embedding into cell phones.  This of course raises privacy concerns about future mandates requiring cellphones to “phone home” to government intelligence agencies, but the DHS … Continue reading

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3D TV on the Horizon

The recent success of the Avatar in the theaters has proven it: 3D is going big. With technologies in rapid development allowing 3D home theater and 3D television viewing at home, 3-dimensional content is sure to hit big by the … Continue reading

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Scammer Alert: 714-916-3051 and others

Another cell phone fraud alert, this time from the phone number 714-916-3051.  If you receive any calls or text messages from this number, I recommend that you disregard and delete them. Here is the message they sent, likely trying to … Continue reading

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Video on the Go: Portaprojectors for Cell Phones

If they’re yet showing up on your radar, they soon will be.  Portaprojectors (aka pico-projectors, pocket projectors) are pocket-sized video projectors that can be hooked up to a camera, a laptop, or yes, even a cell phone.  Imagine their uses: … Continue reading

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Free Wallpapers for Verizon’s Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid is a new Android platform phone released by Verizon, and possible the best Android phone yet.  Those who’ve snagged this device can turn any images they like into free Motorola Droid wallpapers using the Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker. … Continue reading

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