Free Wallpapers for Verizon’s Motorola Droid

motorola-droid-site3The Motorola Droid is a new Android platform phone released by Verizon, and possible the best Android phone yet.  Those who’ve snagged this device can turn any images they like into free Motorola Droid wallpapers using the Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker.

Be sure to submit some of your favorite wallpapers to the Motorola Droid wallpaper gallery.

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Free Wallpapers for Acer neoTouch and beTouch

Acer-F1-neoTouchAcer has come out with a line of classy touchscreen phones called the neoTouch and the beTouch.  You can make your own wallpapers for these phone models from any photograph or image using the Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker.  We also have galleries of free wallpapers for the Acer neoTouch F1, beTouch E100, beTouch E101, and beTouch E200 shared by other Hellaphone community members.

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How to Avoid the New Phishing Attack on Cell Phone Users

phishingApparently phishing has escaped the bounds of the web, and is now also targeting people through mobile phones.  I received a somewhat suspicious phone call and an unusual text message over the last two days that lead me to believe that scammers are right now trying to steal from Verizon customers, and likely from people on other networks too, by deceptively getting them to hand over personal information.

Phishing is a scamming technique employed by crooks to extract personal information and credit card numbers for purposes of identity theft.  They do this by impersonating a company that people already have a trusting relationship with. We’ve all seen those fake emails from banks asking us to reset our password.

The other day I received this text message:

From:900-070-004665 Free VZW msg. UR on track 2 incur overage charges for Minute, Data, or Message usage. Dial #MIN & #DATA to check usage or review usage at CB:888-453-1922

I didn’t think much of it at the time, and in fact I did check #MIN (a Verizon service that I know to be legitimate) and found out that I in fact had plenty of minutes left for the month.  Phishers will put in legit contact info like #MIN, #DATA and in order to make their message seem more trustworthy.  What they’re counting on, though, is for a small percentage of recipients to call the 888 phone number, where they likely answer the phone still claiming to be Verizon.  Forgive me for not calling to find out.

Anyway, I ignored the text at the time, and didn’t think of it again until I got a missed call (no voicemail) yesterday from the number 888-453-1918, a similar 888 number.  A web search revealed that numerous people have gotten calls from this number over the last week, and apparently if you call back, they pick up claiming to be Verizon Wireless request your account information.  They are not Verizon Wireless.

I hope that by sharing my story and the operating methods of phishers, I can prevent someone from falling for this scam.  Here’s the general rule to follow in order to not be a phishing victim: Be wary of all communications from companies, and doubly suspicious if they ask for personal, account, or credit card information.  If you’re not sure if a communication is legitimate or fake, you can find out by going to the company’s real website (not through some link in a fraudulent email) and calling their real support number.

If anybody believes they are being phished from other phone numbers, please contact me so I can post a warning here on Hellaphone.

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Nokia n900 Contest with $40 in Prizes at

A contest for early members of the n900 community forum has just begun. More details at

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Nokia n900 Community Forum Launched

n900talkThe Nokia n900 is Nokia’s best smartphone yet, born from their line of internet tablets rather from the traditional cell phone lineage.  We’ve just launched a n900 forum at where we hope to bring users together to figure out how to unlock the power of this great new device.

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Free Wallpapers for HTC Hero and Others

We’ve added a bunch of new HTC and Samsung phones to the Hellaphone Wallpaper maker, the tool that lets you make a wallpaper for your phone from any image and send it immediately as a text message–all for free!

New makers: HTC Touch Diamond2 wallpapers, HTC Warhawk wallpapers, HTC Leo wallpapers, HTC Hero wallpapers, HTC Mega wallpapers, Samsung Rant wallpapers, Samsung Reclaim wallpapers

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Free Wallpapers for Palm Pre, iPhone 3GS, Blackberry Tour — and a dozen more!

We’ve added a bunch of new phones to the Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker, the free online tool that allows you to make a cell phone wallpaper from any image and instantly send it to your phone as a text message.  There is now a Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker for the following phones:

Samsung Comeback wallpapers Samsung Gravity 2 wallpapers HTC Touch Pro2 wallpapers Samsung Freeform wallpapers Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition wallpapers Apple iPhone 3GS wallpapers LG Crystal wallpapers Blackberry Tour 9630 wallpapers Samsung Jet wallpapers LG GT500 wallpapers Samsung OmniaPRO wallpapers Samsung Messager II wallpapers Nokia N900 wallpapers Sony Ericsson Jalou wallpapers Samsung Omnia II wallpapers Sony Ericsson W800 wallpapers Palm Pre wallpapers Samsung Star wallpapers

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A user community for the Samsung Alias 2 has launched at Here, users of the Alias 2 can discuss tips, tricks, and hacks to get the most out of their phone, as well as compare software applications and accessories for the Alias 2.

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Wallpaper Gallery Relaunched

The Hellaphone Cell Phone Wallpaper Gallery has finally been relaunched. These galleries contain contain thousands of free wallpapers created with and submitted by users of the Hellaphone Wallpaper Maker. Browse through the gallery to find a wallpaper you like, and then send it directly to your phone as a picture message.

And please contribute to the gallery by creating and submitting wallpapers with the Wallpaper Maker!

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LG enV Touch Available

The LG enV Touch was just released on the Verizon network and is a very slick touchscreen multimedia phone. Check out the enV Touch Community Forum for discussion on this hot new device.

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